Uncharted The Lost Legacy features Chloe and Nadine


Naughty Dog have revealed that this isn’t Uncharted 4 DLC, rather a standalone experience that doesn’t require the base game.

Check out the below tweet.



PSX 2016 kicked off with a bang, and what seems to be the first piece of story-based DLC for Uncharted 4. Entitled The Lost Legacy, there was an in-depth video of Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross kicking ass.

The story takes place after Uncharted 4 in India, but will also go to other locations. Nadine is Chloe’s partner and there are no planned supernatural elements. The narrative will focus on who Chloe is and why she would pair with Nadine.

The length of the content is said to be longer than The Last of Us Left Behind but shorter than Uncharted 4 itself. It will also be more open than Uncharted 4 with each chapter being less linear than Uncharted 4.

Chloe’s fighting style will differ from Nates and there will be plenty of driving sections.

It wasn’t The Last of Us 2 announcement everyone was expecting – That came later – but it’s extremely welcome nonetheless. No word on when the content will drop, but check this gorgeous video out for yourself. Even though it has a mysterious start, it’s so distinctly Naughty Dog it’s untrue.


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