Vampire Survivors set to get more DLC

Poncle have confirmed that there’s much DLC coming to Vampire Survivors in 2023.

In a Steam blog post, the team have thanked fans for an incredible 2022, explained the surprise Mobile version and its reveal, and their intention to bring the first DLC pack – Legacy of the Moonspell – to the small screen soon.

The big news, however, is that other platforms are being talked about – likely PlayStation and an almost certainly essential Switch port – and there’s a lot more DLC to come.

The blog post says the team talked about DLC in the Summer, with the initial aim of ‘4 characters, 8 weapons, and one stage’ but Legacy of the Moonspell offered double the characters and more weapons.

Due to the success of that content, Poncle have confirmed there’s more coming and said that DLC will ‘only ever add more characters/weapons/stages and that the main game will keep getting updated regularly with main game mechanics and content’.

Basically, no key-feature will ever be gatekept by a paywall.

Patches for the game will also be released at a slower pace than last year, with more platforms to consider and 2 different game versions.

If you haven’t played Vampire Survivors yet, where have you been? We’ll have some thoughts on its first expansion soon as well!

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