Warframe Empyrean nears with new The Old Blood Update

Warframe’s next major chapter is entitled Empyrean and its upcoming The Old Blood update prepares us for it.

This update includes tweaks to the melee combat, as well as adjustments for Ember and Vauban, and new additions to the Skin Collection.

The Kuva Lich is the brand new enemy you’ll face in The Old Blood, an enemy that shares ‘a symbiotic relationship with players’.

This latest update also gives you a glimpse of what’s coming in Empyrean, with new systems being implemented and changes to existing systems.

To defeat the Kuva Lich, you’ll need to use a data blade called PARAZON that is capable of dishing out lethalities.

The problem is, the Kuva Lich will respawn once defeated and grow into a fearful new form, raging with even more power and abilities.

In addition, you can create Grendel, an all-new Warframe, constructed with parts purchased from the marketplace or acquired through free in-game.

Other additions include ‘Phase 2’ of melee changes, which includes a reworked combo system and the addition of heavy attacks.

Ember and Vauban will also gain new deadly abilities and can change their loadouts.

The update comes to PC soon, with consoles to follow at a later point. To learn more about the update, check it out here

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