Watch Dogs PC Version Will Take Top Priority

Watch Dogs is a hugely anticipated game from the folks over at Ubisoft and PC gamers will be glad to know their system will be the lead platform for development.

Watch Dogs. The open world action-adventure game where you can take control of a mysterious man called Aiden Pearce, is looking more and more impressive with every trailer. One reason for this could be that the game is being primarily developed for the PC and then ported over to consoles.

What does that mean?

Well, quite a lot. The main thing is that console players will have a more graphically impressive game, but one that will run at a more stable rate. Frame-rate drops and texture pop-ins should be minimised if the port from PC to Console is handled correctly.

Recent Ubisoft ports from console to PC have been sub-par at best. The latest title in the Ghost Recon series, Future Soldier, suffered from lighting bugs, framerate issues, instability issues and sound issues from day one, all due to the nature of the port. If you need another example, just pick up a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction on PC.

Hopefully, because Watch Dogs is being developed on PC, none of these issues will be present and the game will be optimised on all platforms.

There is no news on the specifications for PC yet, but we will be sure to report on them when there is. If you’re still not convinced about how optimised and smooth the game runs, check out the latest trailer from the Playstation 4 reveal conference:

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