World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth gets Uldir Raid and Seasons

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth’s first major update has gone live today, adding a rated PVP season, new raid, Warfront Cycle and more.

Uldir is an 8 boss raid, available in normal or heroic difficulties and suited for players at level 120. Uldir is full of titans constructed by captured specimens warped and amplified by void energy. This is the first of several planned raids for Battle for Azeroth.

World Bosses are also available to take down, including T’zane in Nazmir, Ji’arak in Zuldazar, and Hailstone Construct in Drustvar. There are 6 World Bosses in total and beating all of them will unlock an achievement for players, as well as provide some enticing rewards.


Battle for Azeroth PVP Season 1 also begins, adding two new arenas and weekly rewards. With that comes a 20 player cooperative Warfront, the battle for Stromgarde, which pays homage to the RTS roots of Warcraft. Players can contribute with supplies needed to launch the assault and once enough have been gathered, you can queue up to play.

There’s also new Mythic dungeon seasons with leaderboards which also offer their own unique rewards.

Our review in progress of Battle for Azeroth will be up shortly, so stay tuned as we work our way through all of World of Warcraft’s latest content.

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