Bad Characters Gone Good

Some of the most interesting characters in games, films, and TV are those who have complex motivations and may be willing to accept they’re on the wrong path.

Batman, for instance, isn’t a wholly good guy. His motivations for donning the cowl aren’t especially heroic or good, and his actions certainly raise a few eyebrows at times.

Spider-Man may be a wisecracking teen but even he makes some questionable choices.

And with the release of his newest game coming this Friday and to celebrate the launch of Arrow Season 6 on Blu-Ray and DVD, we’ve decided to look at some characters who switched sides for the greater good.



While not necessarily a dastardly villain, Arrow started out as a self-indulgent playboy billionaire who only ever cared about himself. He underwent a major transformation after becoming stranded on a desolate island for 5 years, following a tragic accident at sea in which his father lost his life. In a bid to right his wrongs, and those of his father, he returns to protect Star City from those who exploit others.

Catwoman/ ‘The Cat’

(Dark Knight Rises)

Originally placed as an antagonist – Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman/The Cat, is a professional cat burglar. In The Dark Knight Rises, Selina is on the hunt for a computer program known as a ‘Clean Slate’, which can erase her criminal history. She has a change of heart after witnessing the effects of her betrayal to Batman and agrees to help him save the city from a threat much bigger than themselves – a nuclear bomb.  

Professor Snape

(Harry Potter)

Snape was the ultimate double agent and, aside from Lord Voldemort, appeared to be a prime antagonist for Harry during his time at Hogwarts. Thought to be working with Voldemort, following on from his shady past as a death eater, Snape was actually working with Dumbledore to protect Harry until the bitter end; due to his undying Love for Harry’s mother, Lily Potter.

Suicide Squad


U.S Operative Amanda Waller recruits, in a questionable fashion, a team of villains to unite over a common cause and they have to try working together. While it’s not exactly smooth sailing, when the Suicide Squad are presented with the choice to abandon their original mission they unite to save the world from Enchantress.

Lord Business

(The LEGO Movie)

Lord Business aims to create a world of order, starting with Bricksburg, by using the adhesive Kragle to keep everything in place and believes anything out of the ordinary to be despicable. Thanks to Emmet, his views are changed and he seals the Kragle with the Piece of Resistance, freeing the world of restraint and allowing creativity and imagination to create a better world.

Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season is out on Blu-ray™ and DVD September 3, 2018, available to pre-order on Amazon now.

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