World Of Tanks Gets Exciting New Stuff

Update 9.2 of’s excellent action MMO-em-up has been unleashed and it is full of exciting new content and a whole bunch of spit and polish.

Arguably the most exciting innovation is the new game mode Strongholds. Designed specifically for clan members; Strongholds represents clan property and consist of a virtual military base, zones surrounding it, and auxiliary buildings and be created by clan commanders for free. In order to develop your Stronghold and earn the relevant bonuses you’ll need to earn Industrial Resources by playing:

– Skirmishes.
– Attacks on enemy Strongholds.
– Defending your own Stronghold.

If you want more details you can read the full blurb on the official site right here.

There’s also a new map ‘Fire Arc’ some spiffing new HD tanks new acheivements and a whole bunch of under the hood balancing and bug fixing.
The developer has made a smashing video covering all the changes and you can watch it right here:

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