In Other News: Split-Screen, Evolve and Deal of the Week

It’s Friday! You could go out, drink, party and be merry. You could go out for a lovely meal and spend some time with your friends. You could even lock the door behind you, curl up on the sofa and play video games with your takeaway of choice.

Or you could read lots of neat words on some of the top independent gaming websites.

Either way, we’re totally cool with you whatever you choose to do. All of those sound aces and absolutely wonderful. But just in case you do want to read words, we’ve got a prime selection for you to feast your eyes on.

God is a Geek

Is Split-Screen Dead?


A subject close to our heart. We adored split-screen gaming last gen and spent many an evening indulging in Gears of War, Halo, Borderlands and many other great games. But it seems an early precedent has been set with the arrival of Playstation 4 and Xbox One. No more split-screen. First Titanfall omitted it, now it seems Destiny will be avoiding it.

Is our multiplayer gaming future going to be exclusively played over the internet? God is a Geek’s Robin Parker investigates in detail

The Average Gamer

Hands on with Evolve’s Kraken


Meanwhile, over on The Average Gamer, Debbie is quickly becoming a big fan of Turtle Rock’s next big thing, Evolve. The game will be unique in that, not only do you get to play as a group of hunters intent on bringing down a ferocious creature, you also get to be the creature. 2K showed off the Kraken at E3, but rather than being an oversized sea-creature that keeps having Captain Jack Sparrow repeat on it, Evolve’s Kraken is something quite different. Read on to find out more

GGS Gamer

Gamers are why Gamers can’t have nice things




Over on GGS Gamer, Tony Sadowski has put together a fascinating article, which suggests that many of the problems gamers face from the media could be self-inflicted and that people have become protective about having the right to express their opinions. We strongly recommend you give this one a read as there are some very interesting points raised that will definitely spur on discussion. 

And last, but by no means least…

Stick Twiddlers

Deal of the Week

The lovely team at Stick Twiddlers have journeyed far and wide to bring you the latest, greatest gaming deal of the week. Will it be old? Will it be new? Something borrowed? Something Blue…tista?

Well, you’ll have to click and find out, we’re not spoiling nobodies surprise! But it’ll be worth it. Trust us, we’re professionals!

And that’s that. Now, we know Expansive is pretty awesome and THE place to find all kinds of cool stuff, but these four sites, in particular, produce daily, first-class content which we think you’ll love. So be sure to keep checking them out (when you’re not checking us out, of course!) and keep up with them and the work they do! 


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