WWE Battlegrounds will have extensive post launch support and it’s all free

WWE Battlegrounds releases later this week on current gen systems and it will have a ton of content.

Seen as something of a spiritual successor to WWE All Stars, Battlegrounds will have 70 wrestlers – new and old – at launch.

And the good news is, in an interview with GameSpot, Sean O’Connor, Executive Producer at 2K Games, has revealed that all of the game’s post launch wrestlers will be ‘free updates’.

An additional 60 wrestlers are expected post release and O’Connor has said ‘You don’t even have to go download DLC. The game will just update, and there’ll be new stuff to unlock and explore and play with’.

He continues.

“Every single thing in the game you can unlock without paying another cent. We’ve tried to be really generous with the amount of brawler bucks that you earn as you’re playing through the game so that you can unlock the things you want and play the way that you want. Whether that’s superstars, vanity items, arena customization, and things like that.

O’Connor has revealed that you can purchase Brawler Bucks in game, but GameSpot were unsure how much these would cost and what kind of bundles will be offered.

If you want to accelerate your gameplay, you can use virtual currency. You can purchase virtual currency to then unlock things faster, but you don’t need to.”

WWE Battlegrounds releases September 18th on PC, PS4, XO, Switch, and Stadia.

(Source: GameSpot)

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