Xbox One Achievements System outlined

The Xbox One Achievements System has been talked about in further detail at E3.

According to Xbox Live Achievements Program Manager, Cierra McDonald. Microsoft will ‘deliver more interesting, complex and fulfilling goals and rewards to you.’ with Xbox One.

As hoped, 360 Achievements will carry across to Xbox One. This means you’ll keep your current Gamerscore.

Achievements are also cloud-powered. This means they will be more adaptive, enabling developers more flexibility to refine, tweak and expand on lists as/when they so choose.

One of the main changes is that, as rumoured, video and music apps will now offer Achievements, though they will be known as Rewards. These Rewards won’t contribute to your overall Gamerscore, but they will offer bonuses and rewards across video, music and even games. These Rewards include artwork, maps, characters, temporary stat boosts, sneak peek content, early access and subscription extensions.

Achievements have now been split into two categories. There are your standard achievements that contribute to a Gamerscore and then there are challenges. Challenges set goals and offer rewards, and must be completed within a certain time frame. These Challenges may also be set for the community rather than one individual player.

It’s also been suggested that a DVR capture will accompany your achievement icons, showcasing the moment you unlocked the achievement or challenge through the power of video. Amazing!

What do you think? Are Microsoft onto a winner with this one?

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