Battlefield IV will not offer mod support

Well, this will be a bit of a blow to PC players.

DICE General Manager, Karl-Magnus Troedsson has confirmed that Battlefield IV will not include mod support.

And frankly, with the next-gen console horsepower behind Battlefield IV, something like this could seriously impact sales for mouse and keyboarders.

In a recent interview with PC Gamer, the general manager said.

We would like to see more player-created content, but we would never do something like this if we feel we couldn’t do this 100%. This means we need to have the right tools available, we need to have the right security around this regarding what parts of the engine we let loose, so to say. So for Battlefield IV we don’t have any planned mod support, I have to be blunt about saying that. We don’t.

Of course, it’s still possible a late-release patch could add this all in, but modding is one of the main reasons why people go PC in the first place.

Still, the company are very much thinking about the PC mod community, and about Battlefield embracing that mod culture in the future.

When we think about Battlefield as a franchise, moving forward, it’s a big franchise. And we’re talking about this, almost as strategies for the company – where are we going, what are we trying to do with the franchise, et cetera. And this is definitely one of the areas that we have been discussing quite a bit,”

Are you getting Battlefield IV? Which version will you be getting?

(Source: PC Gamer)

(Via VG247)

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