Xbox One officially announced

Of all the names, this one I didn’t expect.

Introducing Xbox One.

Microsoft have blown our minds with Xbox One. Not only have we seen the console and controller, we’ve also seen the brand new Kinect. It’s…boxy.

Kinect seems to have much more interaction with the Home Menu than ever before, but the system also uses Smartglass much more intelligently. Xbox is tied in much more with live TV and with simple voice commands, users can switch between their games, music and tv with just one voice gesture.

Users can see a TV guide, say their favorite show then watch it. There is also a favorites tab where users can access their top shows.

They can also look at ‘trending topics’ which gives users a glance at what everyone is watching and jump into popular shows. Trending isn’t just for Live TV though, it also works with Video on Demand.

Users can also check out league standings and fantasy teams with ESPN sports. They can even see featured highlights of favourite athletes.

The Xbox One contains 5 billion transistors. 8gb Ram. 500gb HDD, as well as a Blu-Ray Drive. The Architecture powering the system allows the best of the Xbox Operating System, but also Windows. This allows for instant switching between the two components. Xbox One Architecture makes for no waiting times and unprecedented multi-tasking.

The new Kinect Sensor is also truly amazing. Next-Gen Kinect has been redesigned to react to an individual in new ways, such as the twist of a wrist or the beat of a heart. The  new Kinect is more intelligent and reacts to voice conversations. There is also a 1080p camera and 2GB data is transferred per second.

Microsoft have made a big deal about the three input methods for Xbox One. Kinect. The controller and Smartglass. This creates some truly new and exciting console possibilities.

New Xbox Live is built on same membership, but more powerful, personal and intelligent. There are over 300,000 servers for Xbox One. Xbox Live will also be powered through the Cloud. The most exciting feature? Players can search for a multiplayer game in one title, then play another, or watch a movie, or go and listen to music.

More as we get it…

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