Xbox Reveal Event: Liveblog


The wait is finally over. The speculation can cease. Microsoft are about to spill the beans on everything next Xbox.

Over two years in the making, let’s find out what all this is together.

new to old

Microsoft are already rolling out the new stuff, even if this one was a little under the radar. As reported by GameInformer earlier today and as some of the more eagle eyed among you may have noticed, there was a slight change to the Xbox logo on the site.

Could this possibly be the new Xbox logo? It would tie in nicely with the rumors that the next Xbox is going to be titled simply ‘Xbox’. Not long to now till we no for sure!


17:24 – Just under 40 minutes to go! The worlds press according to the timetable at least should now be full up on a hearty Microsoft breakfast and congregating within the official Microsoft tent by now. Exciting times.

What exclusives (if any) do you think were gunna’ see guys?

17:28 –  Gamespot live-stream advert for Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox has launched early, shows off footage from the shooter and Xbox logo at the end.

17:44 – reserved

Not long to go now till we know the future of Xbox, what would you give to be in that seat right now?

Also the stream is now broadcasting

17:49 – Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer leaks early,

17:55- Less than 6 minutes to go guys whats your predictions?



 18:01 We are live! and It’s all about us

18:04 – Don Mattrick out on stage giving us a brief history of the Xbox

It’s all about the next Xbox tonight, Don Mattrick saying more news for Xbox 360 set for E3 in June

18:08  and he name is? Xbox One!  what do we think of the new name guys?

18:12 Here it is guys the Xbox One



18:15 –  Skype coming to XboxOne

What do you guys think of the throwback Xbox One, anyone have a VCR like that during the 80’s?

18:17 –Quarter of an hour in and still no videogames

Xbox one is going to be the center of your home entertainment, here come the specs

18:21 – Xbox 8GB RAM and a 500GB HD, Three operating systems Windows and Xbox operating system to work simultaneously on the same console.

18:24-  New Kinect offers higher accuracy of voice commands and body tracking.

When you pick up a XboxOne controller, Kinect recognizes you and the controller, getting you into your latest game save instantly.

18:29 – EA has arrived, can we have some games now please? FIFA 14, UFC, NBA and MADDEN confirmed for XboxOne to be released within the next 12 months.

18:31 – EA announces new game engine ‘Ignite’ for Its sports games that will “Blur the lines between reality and the real”

FIFA 14: FUT  will have exclusive content only on XboxOne

18:37 –  Forza 5 confirmed for XboxOne as launch title, lots of sports and racing so far, where’s all the alien shootin’?

18:40 – From Alan Wake creators comes a new  IP ‘Quantum Break’ along with a fancy Live action trailer.

18:42 – 15 XboxOne exclusive titles scheduled for release in XboxOnes first year.



18:46 – Steven Spielberg working on a Halo live action series exclusive for XboxTV

Is this news of a Halo live action series coming to Xbox going to be the biggest news we’ll see tonight?

18:51 – XboxOne will be released later this year, but that’s all for tonight folks!

18:53 –  No wait one more thing.. COD: Ghosts launching first on XboxOne and all Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC will be coming to XboxOne first…yet again.

18:57 – Ghosts is being developed on a new game engine.

18:59 –  New customization options for  character models in  COD multiplayer, $$$ in Activisions eyes? No
19:00 Dynamic Multiplayer maps will offer interactive terrain.
And that really is the end of the show guys, more XboxOne to come at the Microsoft press conference during E3 in June. So whats your thoughts will you be buying?
XboxOne will not be backward compatible Polygon confirms. It will also not require an always online connection.
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