XCOM 2 Tactical Legacy DLC adds new modes, maps, and weapons for War of the Chosen

XCOM 2 has received a huge Tactical Legacy update for the War of the Chosen expansion which adds new modes, maps, weapons, and more.

Tactical Legacy adds a whopping 28 new remastered maps from the original XCOM Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within, and there are also remastered weapons and armor from the original games, such as the Kevlar and Titan Armor.

Legacy Ops, the new game mode, will put you in charge of a squad that must fight through various different tactical missions, including Central’s Archives, Blast from the Past, It Came from the Sea, and The Lazarus Project.

There’s also Resistance Archives which will see you fight enemies of increasing difficulty, and even a Skirmish mode where you can make your own set conditions and missions to fight through.

If you already own War of the Chosen, this expansion will be free of charge until December 3rd. Alternatively, War of the Chosen / Tactical Legacy can now be purchased for £20.99 on Steam until October 16 and XCOM 2 itself will cost £11.54.


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