Yoku’s Island Express shows off abilities in new trailer

A new trailer for pinball-em-up Yoku’s Island Express has been revealed today which shows off some of the in-game abilities.

Yoku’s Island Express won’t roll onto Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PS4 until Q2 2018, but we can already see how the game will merge pinball with platforming as this young dung beetle tries to deliver the mail.

The Noisemaker, for instance, acts as a postal horn for Yoku, meaning he can pop open chests and boxes to collect on his rounds and the Slug Vacuum enables him to suck up slugs and use their explosiveness to clear pathways to hidden secrets.


Yoku will even be able to go deep underwater with Dive Fish and explore coral reefs and hidden caves for even more collectibles and secrets.

The game looks great fun and we’re flipping out with excitement ahead of launch.

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