Yowie Wowie! WWE 2K20 gets The Fiend Bray Wyatt as Bump in the Night Pre-Order DLC

WWE 2K20 is doing things a bit differently with DLC this year by introducing Originals.

Beginning with Bump in the Night, WWE 2K20 will get some horror-themed action with FrankenStrowman Braun and ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.

Each of the Four Originals packs will have a different theme, tweaking your favourite superstars to fit.

With WWE2K20 launching October 20th, the Halloween theme is definitely appropriate.

Bump in the Night will cost $14.99 individually or come as part of WWE 2K20 pre-orders and will finally let you play as Bray Wyatt’s terrifying new persona, The Fiend.

Just listen to his bad ass theme music from Code Orange. Seriously, best thing WWE has done in years.

WWE Originals also play up an alternate reality and Bump In The Night has a story of its own, seeing Finn Balor visiting Wyatt’s compound as he tries to recruit The Demon to his cause.

Instead, Finn ends up fighting Wyatt’s family in a series of unique matches.

With Bump in the Night, the full list of horror-themed WWE superstars is, as follows.

·       “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

·       “Demon King” Finn Bálor

·       “The Swampfather” Bray Wyatt

·       FrankenStrowman

·       “Wicked” Aleister Black

·       “Unleashed Apex Predator” Randy Orton

·       “Fed-Up” Sheamus

·       +2 mystery versions of WWE Superstars

You’ll also be able to compete in Wyatt’s Swamp Area and a Cemetary Brawl Arena.

Bump in the Night’s content is included with WWE 2K20 Pre-Orders and if you pick up the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition, you’ll get the other three WWE Originals packs as they release.

All four packs are expected by Spring 2020.


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