Zombie Army Trilogy is Coming March 6th

That’s right friends it seems us gamers never tire of blasting the undead but how often do you get to shoot zombies in an alternate vision of World War II? Fear not for Rebellion are on hand to scratch that particular itch with tactical zombie shoot-em-up Zombie Army Trilogy.

The official PR blurb describes the game thusly:

Berlin 1945. Facing defeat at the hands of the Allies, Hitler has unleashed one last unholy gamble – a legion of undead super soldiers that threatens to overwhelm the whole of Europe. Fight alone or team up to save humanity from the zombie menace in this apocalyptic shooter for 1-4 players!

Pretty neat huh? Let’s take a look at the game in action:

Zombie Army Trilogy includes some, all or more of the following:
– 15 missions across three solo or co-op campaigns
– Horde mode over 5 dedicated maps
– Eight playable heroes
– 25 iconic weapons and explosive traps.
– A plethora of enemies including undead super soldiers, armoured skeletons, chainsaw elites and the demonic Führer himself!
– X-ray Kill Camera.

You can pre-order Zombie Army Trilogy now on Steam for £29.99 or grab a cop on Xbox One and PS4 on March 6.

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