The Banner Saga 2.36.02 rebalances and retweaks the engine

Stoic have provided a massive update for The Banner Saga which updates the original game to the updated engine technology in The Banner Saga 2

The final chapter of the game has been tweaked so that the Bellower Battle is more fair on Normal Difficulty. There’s also the opportunity to gather more supplies and items in Chapter 6.


Here’s the full changelog.

  • Final Bellower battle tuned to be less difficult (see below)
  • Chapter 6 supply opportunities increased (see below)
  • Upgrade ‘+’ sign shows up on hero icons in heroes tent when appropriate
  • Extended tooltips in battle
    • on stat banner, buffs, and items.
    • on hazards such as slag-and-burn, coals, etc…
  • Match Resolution:
    • Consequences tab shows injured units
    • Achievements tab shows new achievements
    • Items tab shows newly acquired items
  • News Ticker on Start Screen
  • Injured units to not heal during travel, only when Resting in camp/village
  • Injured units’ str penalty now equals the number of days of injury remaining
  • Nid now starts at rank 2 when she joins the caravan
  • Increased loot drop chance for winning the second wave of a battles.
  • Varl that join the caravan after the Godstone in chapter 3 now have supplies.

1. Bellower Final Battle

…has been tuned down for normal and easy difficulty. HARD Difficulty mode remains just as challenging as before!

Bellower’s ARM/STR regen during the first battles was +6/+6 per turn

It is now:

  • Easy: +0/+1 ARM/STR
  • Normal: +1/+3 ARM/STR
  • Hard: +6/+6 ARM/STR (same as before)

Bellower’s ARM/STR regen during the second battle is still +1/+1 for all difficulties.

2. Chapter 6 Supplies

…towns in the final world travel have more supplies and items for sale:

  1. Haukstorp, the first village after Einartoft which was ransacked by dredge (now 50 supplies at 10/renown, and 3 items)
  2. The first village past Sigrholm (now has 145 supplies, up from 98), and between 3-5 items.
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