Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness DLC release date leaked

Far Cry 5 has three massive expansions due to release this year and thanks to Amazon we have some idea when we might see the first.

Owners of the Season Pass are already aware that Far Cry 3 Classic Edition will release on May 29th, four weeks ahead of everyone else. But the first piece of DLC seems to be Hours of Darkness and will arrive on June 5th.

Amazon have since removed the listing but eagle eyed gamers caught both a release date and price tag of $12 which does seem to be about right considering the whole season pass retails for $30.


Hours of Darkness will be set in Vietnam during the Vietnam War as you strive to take down Viet-Cong. The Season Pass will also include Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies. The content is made by the same development studio behind cult classic, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Ubisoft have yet to officially confirm either way but we’re sure to get some new details very soon.



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