Final Fantasy XV Engine Blade will appear in NieR: Automata

While all attention is solely focused on Final Fantasy XV, getting the long awaited follow-up into the hands of eager gamers, Square Enix and Platinum Games are already planning future collaborations.

Next year, another highly anticipated sequel will return as NieR: Automata appearsĀ in the first half of 2017. Set in the Distant Future, invaders from another world attack without warning. They introduce a threat the likes of which humanity has never known, called ‘machine lifeforms’ Mankind is driven from Earth and must take refuge on the Moon, but once they get there, a counter-attack initiative is planned in order to take back the home planet.

And one of the weapons you’ll be able to use as protagonist 2B is Noctis’ Engine Blade from Final Fantasy XV. Talk about unexpected.

When equipping the blade, this will alter the evasion effects and damage display in order to mimic Square’s infamous IP.

What’s more, Final Fantasy XV will benefit from this collaboration and feature content from the NieR series in the near – see what I did there – future. No word on what that will be as yet, though.

Final Fantasy XV launches in just 5 days on November 29th.

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