ArenaNet are asking all avid Guild Wars 2 players keen on PvP to test a new tournament system.

The new tournament system means that you can either fight to the death in a team or put your solo skills to the test in 1v1 battles, all for the low price of one tournament ticket. In each of these variants you will be given rewards whether you win or lose:

1st Place Rewards:

  • 1 Tournament Ticket
  • 200 Glory
  • 200 Rank
  • 1 Qualifying Point
  • 1 Silver Paid Tournament Chest

2nd Place Rewards:

  • 100 Glory
  • 100 Rank
  • 1 Copper Paid Tournament Chest

If you want to help the ArenaNet team out, head over to “The Temple Of The Silent Storm” this week and try out the team matchups. Don’t forget this isn’t the finished mode, you will just be playing one round instead of the intended three. By doing this, you are giving the team the vital feedback needed to help them advance PvP within the game.

So what are you waiting for? Go slay some players!