Godzilla: The Game – First Play

The latest Godzilla film came out in 2014, but it’s quite possible that the upcoming video-game could end up being a closer representation of the old Japanese Godzilla films.

What is clear from the beginning is that this isn’t a game that takes itself too seriously. The dialogue is hilariously cheesy to the point that it almost sounds like absolute nonsense. In a way, it is pretty much like watching one of the older Godzilla films.

The giant mutant lizard himself has many attacks that players can use. Attacks such as a roar that can also lead to a strong breath attack. These are the actual names of the attacks as well. Such is the nature of this game that even Godzilla doesn’t mind being a part of the joke.

The demonstration consisted of Godzilla going up against some of his deadly foes. The two chosen monsters were the mighty three headed King Ghidoroh and Godzilla’s evil nemesis Space Godzilla. The development team is really confident if it thinks that it can top off this deadly combination of deadly foes.

Godzilla Smash3_01

Now for some unusual reason, moving Godzilla isn’t as straightforward as one would expect. It’s actually quite awkward at first because it is necessary to use the R1 and R2 shoulder buttons to make him turn left or right. The camera doesn’t help either as it take longer than expected to move it around the character.

Despite these somewhat dubious walking controls, it still feels great to go around the city destroying anything in Godzilla’s path. There’s even user interface elements that display the amount of damage caused by Godzilla.

This game is completely over the top and fans of the Earth Defence Force video-games will most likely get a kick out of playing it. Godzilla even shares the same rough looking visuals that Earth Defence Force video-games have been known to have.

Godzilla himself seems overpowered given that not even taking on two of his mightiest rivals made much of a dent in his health bar. It was almost laughable to witness the puny humans trying to attack these powerful monsters. They might as well have been throwing toothpicks for all the good it did.


Whilst the rest of the visuals might look somewhat basic, it can’t be denied that the monster designs were looking great. The amount of detail was just right and it made the fights so much better.

This definitely feels like it has the makings of being up to the task of making the giant lizard proud. Hopefully the final version will also improve the clunky movement controls. So far, Godzilla is silly enough to remind fans of the original Japanese films.

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