Pid gets free Challenge Room DLC

Might And Delight’s 2D platforming game, Pid, is about to get a free challenge room DLC.

Many of you have probably taken Might and Delight’s game Pid for all that it is worth by completing every available level. Well, fret not, Pid is about to get a whole host of new challenge rooms added to it “soon”, expanding the experience.

Although Pid is a PC, XBLA and PSN game, the DLC will remain PC exclusive for the time being.  However, Anders Westin, the CEO of Might and Delight intends to port the extra rooms over to other platforms at the earliest opportunity.

The DLC will be added to the PC version soon, but there is still no set date. You’re just going to have to wait a bit longer to get back into the platforming action.

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