Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Run shown off on Jimmy Fallon

Nintendo shocked us all on The Tonight Show by not only giving Jimmy Fallon an exclusive look at next weeks’ Super Mario Run, but also showing off the Nintendo Switch.

Reggie showed off the Kingdom Builder in Mario Run, as well as Toad Rally and some of the other levels. Fallon does some impressive wall hopping and coin collecting and the crowd loves it.

But it’s at the five minute mark where things get interesting. Fils-Aime pulls out Nintendo Switch from underneath a Nintendo Question Mark box. BOOM! And, man, does it looks sleek!

Fallon’s face says it all. He’s also going to get to play Zelda in front of Shigeru Miyamoto. No pressure. Fortunately, he was sort of happy with the performance.

First time on live TV, Zelda is shown off on the big screen looking shiny and glorious. Amazing surprise. And it wasn’t the last one of the night either.

Miyamoto then went to jam with The Roots and played the Super Mario theme. Like, seriously.

There’s also a brand new trailer for Super Mario Run which you can check out below. Phew!

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