3on3 FreeStyle DLC White Space Suit Outfit launches into store at a premium

3on3 FreeStyle, a free street basketball which proves anyone can play, has received an extremely premium DLC today that adds a new outfit to the game.

The DLC enables you to play with Zero Gravity and actually float around the court by pressing L2. You’ll wear a typically white spacesuit with appropriate orange straps and boots, but you’ll only be able to grab it for a limited time.

The big issue is the price. At £7.39, this is definitely on the high end of DLC. While it does tweak the gameplay slightly, you’re essentially getting a solitary outfit at a price that’s higher than some digital games. That’s extraordinary and ridiculous!

True, 3on3 FreeStyle is a free download which anyone can pick up, but it’s still difficult to justify that price tag. Considering content-rich expansions are also available for cheaper – some of which are on sale and gave us some much entertainment last year – Joycity Corporation are really asking a lot to get us to invest in this.

Still, if you’re absolutely desperate for more outfits in 3on3 FreeStyle and you want to feel like you’re in outer space, floating around on the court, you’re in luck.

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