Days Gone DLC available for Pre-Orders and Special Edition

Sony’s next major first-party title, Days Gone, will finally launch on April 26th and receive a wealth of DLC goodies.

If you pre-order the game, you’ll receive a Drifter Crossbow at launch which hits harder and further, but also takes down enemies faster. On top of that, you’ll get upgrades for your drifter bike’s Nitrous that offers an extra speed boost, Gas Tank which lets you travel further on a full tank, and a Shroud Upgrade which increases defense against bullets and Freakers.

These will be early unlockables that will help you through some of the tougher sections in the game.

For now, though, if you decide to pre-order you’ll immediately receive a Days Gone Sawmill Dynamic theme.

There’s also some cool collectors editions, with the Digital Deluxe Edition giving you a digital artbook and soundtrack, as well as three additional drifter bike skins. There will also be an additional early skill unlock entitled the Monkey Wrench Skill and a special Deacon vs The Horde theme.

Meanwhile, the Collectors’ Edition adds a 48 Page Mini-Art Book, Steel Book, Statue, pins, decals and more.

Days Gone releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 26th.

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