Achievements suggest Scott Pilgrim DLC coming soon?

The long awaited Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game DLC might finally be upon us.

The game’s achievement list has received some new entries, totalling to 50 gamerscore. The list also reveals playtime with Wallace, as well as online multiplayer.

The DLC was originally set to release August 19th but missed that release date and was pushed back to a fall release. When the time came, however, that launch window was also missed.

However, if the below achievement list is to be believed, it looks like a release date is imminent.

Wallace Wells is known as Scott’s “cool gay room mate” in the movie and is only seen as a NPC vendor in the current game. Meanwhile, bringing in the ability to play online will bring old players back in and attract new players to the game.

While there is no release date as yet, it can’t be long until Ubisoft finally announce one.

(Source: XBLAFANS)

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