Agent Alice – Hint Hunt Room Experience

What better way to celebrate the release of a game about finding objects, called Agent Alice, than by taking part in a real life experience very similar to it, right? That is exactly what the clever people at Wooga thought when they hired 1 of Hint Hunt’s rooms to try and let users know what it was like to play a role similar to the main character in the game.

As with the game, the whole idea is to find clues and objects that will lead to finding even more clues and objects. The objective was to find the profiles for five individuals and then use these to find out who the real murderer was. There was a time limit of sixty minutes and finding the real murderer would result in being able to escape the room and becoming a fully fledged agent.

At first, it was quite difficult to find out exactly what clues would lead to new discoveries and the best way to use them. Pretty much every section of the room included some sort of clue – even if the purpose of some of them was just to throw off wannabe agents. Fortunately, the same screen displaying the timer also displayed hints for those struggling.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of this real life hint hunting experience was teamwork. Each session was done with up to three other players. It was interesting to find out what each player excelled in. Just like in the game, it was necessary to look closely at different sections of the room. An air vent was actually a container for another object.

Ironically, another room was revealed just as it felt like all the clues had been uncovered. The sheer amount of objects to interact with in this room was quite impressive. In a way, it’s a similar feeling to playing a game like Agent Alice, where rooms can get so busy that it becomes quite difficult to find where the hidden objects are. But a challenge is always welcome and that is exactly what the Hint Hunt team provided.

Agewnt Alice Hint Hunt 1

It was a real pleasure to try and figure out all the clues. At one point, a clue was uncovered with the help of a UV light. It’s the sort of idea that also makes Agent Alice interesting. At one point she is finding some clues in a room and the next, firing rounds at an enemy.

All the hard work searching every nook and cranny paid off with the identity of the real murderer uncovered, although with only 40 seconds left and only a few hints given. It’s not often that a company is able to convey the feeling of playing a game in such a manner. In fact, it really very similar to playing Agent Alice – albeit with less gun fights and life threatening situations.

This experience was tailored specifically to try and give players a taste of what it’s like to play as Agent Alice. But Hint Hunt is open to the public and has many other different experiences for those who think they can escape within sixty minutes.

Agent Alice is out now on the App Store and Google Play Market. Wooga is planning to keep players coming back for more with new and free downloadable content being released on a weekly basis.

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