Aliens Colonial Marines getting campaign DLC soon?

That’s if a new list of trophies is to be believed.

Leaked ahead of announcement, Aliens: Colonial Marines looks set to receive new campaign DLC entitled ‘Stasis Interrupted’

We’ve got no date, price or official confirmation of the pack, but PS3 Trophies has officially uploaded 10 new trophies for this unannounced content. However, we are due new content and this would be the final piece of the announced Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass.

Full list outlined below. Spoilers ahead so please don’t read any further if you want to go in fresh.


– Thank You, That Will Be All

Complete Stasis Interrupted on Any Difficulty (Silver)

– I’m happy to disappoint you

Complete Stasis Interrupted on Ultimate Badass (Silver)

We’re Still Collating

Find all Stasis Interrupted Audio Logs (Silver)

I only need to know one thing

Find your family (Bronze)

– They Can Bill Me

Destroy the Legato (Bronze)

– I Don’t Got All Day

Sever the umbilical without missing a shot (Bronze)

– They’re Dead! Ok? Can we go now?

Kill all the Lurkers in Sulaco engineering (Bronze)

– Now what are we supposed to do?

Escape the FTL Ship (Bronze)

We are leaving!

Survive the Queen escape (Bronze)

– It’s the only way to be sure

Destroy all samples in the labs of the Queen module (Bronze)

(Source: PS3 Trophies)

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