All You Need To Know About Saints Row: Editions, DLC, Platforms, and Bonuses

Saints Row is back on August 23, reintroducing gamers to a vibrant, off-the-wall world.

It’s been years since the fourth instalment, and many have been eagerly awaiting the next mainline journey. However, this serves as a total reboot and refresh for the series for a new generation.

That’s not to say this is going to be any less essential. In fact, there’s a ton of goodies to accompany the game alongside the masses of content already.

Here’s a look at everything Saints Row!


Saints Row is launching on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, Steam, and Stadia

Release Date

Saints Row releases on August 23.

Is this Saints Row 5?

No, this is a total reboot for the Saints Row series, set in a brand new city, with brand new characters.


Yes, Saints Row will have additional content as part of an Expansion Pass, offering three expansion episodes. With each expansion, new areas of the game world are opened up, featuring a wealth of new gameplay content to discover – including new missions, new enemies, new diversions, new weaponry, new vehicles and customization options.



The Standard Edition offers the Base Game as well a Pre-Order Bonus of the Idols Anarchy Pack. This includes the ‘Idols’ DJ Helmet, Twinkle Bat, and the Sandstorm Scrambler Motorcycle.


The Gold Edition includes the above as well a further pre-order bonus – Saints Criminal Customs – which includes the Saints Custom Convertible and The Saints Custom Stab Jacket. Also, the Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle, which adds the Los Panteros Custom Fury Motorcycle, and the Los Panteros ‘El Lanzador’ Heavy Weapon Skin and the full Saints Row Expansion Pass.


This contains all of the above as well as Saints Row The Third Remastered.

There’s also a Notorious Edition, exclusive to GameStop which offers a Mini Artbook, Double Sided Poster, 4 Character Art Cards and 4 Santo Ileso Postcards.

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