All You Need To Know About Street Fighter 6: Edition, DLC, Content and more

After its predecessor had console exclusivity on PlayStation, Street Fighter returns to multi-platforming and is coming back in a big way.

Street Fighter 6 continues the long-running franchise on the current generation, bringing back some fan favourites, adding in some new fighters, and looking better than ever.

We’ve got a breakdown of all the key info you need leading into launch to help you figure out which edition you need and what to expect.


Street Fighter 6 is releasing on PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox Series on June 2nd.

Who’s developing/publishing?

Capcom all the way!

How many Editions are there?

Three different editions. Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate.

Will there be DLC?

Definitely. A Year 1 Ultimate Pass has been Confirmed to run through to 2024. There are also various outfits, titles and stickers you can pick up at launch.

What’s the difference between the Year 1 Character Pass and Year 1 Ultimate Pass?

So, the Deluxe Edition will include the four confirmed DLC characters post launch. You will also get 4 additional character colors: Outfit 1 Colors 3-10. And as a purchase bonus, you’ll get 4,200 Drive Tickets to spend in-game.

The Ultimate Pass does the same, but also offers you 4 additional character costumes: Outfit 2 (including colors 1-10), a further 4 additional character costumes (Outfit 3 (including colors 1-10) and 2 additional stages!

On top of that, you’ll 7,700 Drive Tickets.

Currently, the Ultimate Edition is a digital only release.

Tell me about the game

At launch, you’ve got a roster of 18 different fighters, with expansions taking it to 22. There’s a vast World Tour mode where you take to the streets and meet masters who will teach you techniques. The game also has a massive online Battle Hub where you can play against other players in an Arcade setting or even try out some Capcom classic games. The game also boasts three different control schemes – Modern, Classic, and Dynamic.

Do I need to play Street Fighter 5 to play Street Fighter 6?

Definitely not. There are some story beats you may pick up from if you’re familiar with past games, but this is a self-contained game in every sense of the word and is considered by some as a bit of a soft reboot with new characters acting as leads.

Tell me about some of the launch fighters!

Sure. You’ve got fan favourites like Blanka, E.Honda, Chun Li, and of course Ryu and Ken. But there’s a relatively new face to the game, Luke, who has even taken the cover for himself, and total newcomers like Jamie, who adopts the drunken fist technique, Manon and Lily. It’s a really interesting mix.

What’s in the DLC?

In the Year One Pass, there are four DLC characters, leading into the Winter of 2024. First up, this Autumn you have A.K.I, in Spring 2024 Akuma joins the fight. Then in Summer 2024, it’s Rashid and Winter 2024, we’ve got Ed.

It’s certainly an interesting combination of characters and people may have been expecting more familiar names, but what we have here is a full year of support for the game confirmed at launch already. There will, undoubtedly, be more to follow.

Anything else we should know?

Street Fighter 6 has an Open Beta running right now as well as a demo you can download. As mentioned Street Fighter 5 skipped Xbox, so this game marks a return to that platform, and based on the level of support Capcom provided Street Fighter 5, I wouldn’t expect a Street Fighter 7 for at least another generation. It just isn’t needed.


Standard Edition

The Standard Edition includes the cross-gen base game along with outfit 1 color 10 for 6 characters, and special titles and stickers. The outfits are for…

  • Chun-Li
  • Jamie
  • Manon
  • Dee Jay
  • Juri
  • Ken

Deluxe Edition

This includes all of the above, as well as the Year 1 Character Pass and 4,200 Drive Tickets.

Ultimate Edition

This includes all of the above, but swaps out the Year 1 Character Pass for the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, adds two additional stages to the game and includes 7,700 Drive Tickets.

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