Anno 1800 Sunken Treasures DLC invites you to a new continental island from today

Ubisoft have dropped the first major DLC for Anno 1800 today entitled Sunken Treasures.

With an all-new continental island – Cape Trelawny – at your disposal, you’ll be able to go treasure hunting with a new diving bell system.

Players will also get to meet Old Nate who can craft explosive items in his workshop and build a metropolis on what’s being described as the biggest Anno 1800 map to date.

A map that’s three times the size of previous large islands, in fact, with 300 grids worth of coast, natural resources and fertilities.

Sunken Treasures adds a massive new questline, 100 new items, and the option to create buildings like a museum and a zoo.

The new DLC is available now.


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