Apex Legends 1.03 DLC gets in the mood for love this Valentines Day

Even Apex Legends is feeling the love for Valentines Day this year with its 1.03 DLC update.

In addition to some stability fixes and quality of life updates that extend timeouts and address performance issues, there’s some Valentines Day themed content.

A ‘Live Die Live’ Banner Badge is now in and awarded when you revive a member of your team between February 13th and February 19th. There’s also some Valentine’s Day cosmetics on the store during that time period, including a Longbow Epic DMR skin called ‘Through the Heart’ and a ‘Love of the Game’ Pathfinder banner frame.

Art has also been updated for the PlayStation Plus Pack and updates made to the Flatline skin and Banner Card, changing the names to Deep Blue. Arc Star gear now also displays a grenade warning indicator.

Apex Legends continues to go from strength to strength since its announcement and has seen over 25 million unique players in under one week, with two million playing concurrently.

Watch your back, Fortnite.

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