ARK: Ragnarok DLC is now on Nintendo Switch

ARK Mod Map, Ragnarok has now been added to the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Grove Street Games have helped with the port and it’s available now as a free content update for the game.

Adding a ‘144 sq. kilometer environment’ there are elements from ‘The Island’ ‘Scorched Earth’ and many other biomes.

Players will also be able to ‘find plenty of exciting new locations to build their perfect home base’.

The content also includes new creatures to fight against or to tame and befriend, such as Ice Wyverns, Dire Polar Bears and mystical Griffons.

ARK: Ragnarok is now available on Switch and next week, ‘Survival of the Fittest’ mode will launch on Xbox and Playstation, letting ‘up to 60 players fight in a last one standing’ battle royale.

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