Arma 3 The East Wind campaign final episode now available

Arma 3 has received a third and final episode for its campaign, The East Wind. ‘Win’ concludes the story of an infantry man, Ben Kerry, a soldier who is caught in the middle of a Mediterranean flashpoint.

The first episode introduced us to Ben, who was involved in a NATO Peacekeeping Operation. The Second Episode follows Kerry as he links up with guerilla fighters, aiming to cripple AAF and CSAT forces. Now, Win sees that situation escalate further and players must deploy all skills and experience to bring Flashpoint to resolution.

There’s also an expansion of the sandbox content, with two new aircraft and tactical options for the NATO and CSAT factions. The A-164 CAS jet has also been added as a successor to the A-10 and is available via the ‘Fixed-Wings’ showcase scenario. Players can also check out the Tempest transport truck as a cargo, refuel, medical and ammo re-supply truck. There are also new points of interest on the Altis terrain.

The update is automatic and can be grabbed right now.

For now, check out this trailer to give you a taste…

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