Arma 3 gets free Zeus DLC

Arma 3 received a free update today, entitled Zeus.

This free DLC puts players in the shoes of Game Master (no, not the monocole-wearing Star Gazer!) – This allows you to view the battlefield from a birds-eye view and manipulate a multiplayer scenario in real-time. As editor, you can spawn units, set objectives, change the weather conditions, start music and more.

You can also form a squad as one of Zeus’ subjects, reacting to varied objectives and adapting to unscripted events.

Arma 3 Zeus is playable across multiple scenarios. You can start out with a blank canvas, or try out Coop, Team Death Match and Sector Control with this new way of playing. You can also have an impact on custom player-created scenarios

The update will automatically be added to your Steam Library when you next load up the client and is available right now.

To see it in action, a Arma 3 Zeus Launch Pary Livestream will take place on Saturday at 17:00 UTC and be made live on It’ll take place for an hour and show the different aspects of the content. And to get you in the mood, here’s a launch trailer…

Have you checked it out yet? What are your thoughts?

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