Might and Magic Duel of Champions gets Heart of Nightmares

Might and Magic: Duel of Champions, Ubisoft’s online strategy card game, is set to receive a new expansion, entitled Heart of Nightmares.

The update is huge and will be critically important to the ongoing development of the game, introducing a new base set, six new heroes, 100 new cards and new features which will diversify battle opportunities.

One new hero for each of the six factions has been added, each one with a unique power. This is intended to keep the game fresh and players will be tasked with adapting to unique strengths and weaknesses for each hero in order to beat or play as them.

Base Set 2 has also been added and rebalances the meta-game, offering a fresh entry point for new players, serving as a more comfortable transition from tutorials to duels. Players will be able to choose between two game formats: Standard and Open Format. Standard is the standard competition format and will feature Base Set 2 and all upcoming series. Open applies to all cards released prior to and in the expansion.

The big news, however, is that solo campaigns have been extended to a total of 30 missions and a brand new mode, Puzzles, requires players to use complex game mechanics in order to defeat their enemies in one turn. There’s also a new ranking and matchmaking system with classes set to replace the current ELO system. Another big change sees new series becoming more accessible as they can now be purchased with gold earned in-game a few weeks post-launch. The User Interface and Visual Effects in-game have also received a major overhaul.

More details as we get them. For now, check out the trailer…


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