Armello adds new story and heroes with The Dragon Clan DLC from today

Armello is a fab digital board game available across all platforms and today League of Geeks released a new DLC.

Currently only available on PC, The Dragon Clan will introduce some new characters to Armello, including Volodor the Wormchanter.

This is the first new clan added since Early Access, there are also new powers and playstyles added in.

Volodor is also joined by Agniya The Revenant, a turtle who can heal itself after defeating opponents, and Oxana The Sentinel, an anti-mage Iguana.

Finally, Nazar, an illusionist Gecko can project apparitions of himself across the battlefield.

With the new clan comes six new signets, a new quest system, and ruin amulet.

It’s available today on Steam for £6.99 / $9.99 and will come to consoles along with the 2.0 update in 2020.


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