Gears 5 is getting a dose of Dave Bautista as DLC

It’s finally happening, Dave Bautista is going to be in Gears 5.

Long known as his passion project, Bautista has been petitioning to do a Gears of War film for several years now.

It’s not a Gears film – at least, not yet – but you will be able to play as The Animal following WWE Clash of Champions on September 15.

It really is about fucking time!

Dave Bautista will be a multiplayer skin, usable in multiplayer modes like Horde, Versus, and Escape.

The Coalition also make it seem that this will be based on his WWE character, even using his Saliva theme for the trailer.

The news follows announcements that both Terminator and Halo content will be featured in Gears 5.

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