Ashen receiving surprise Nightstorm Isle DLC from September 6

Annapurna Interactive’s Ashen is getting a major new DLC at the end of this week.

Nightstorm Isle has just been announced via A44Games Twitter account accompanied by a brand new trailer which can be seen below.

The announcement seems to have come from nowhere with many fans pleasantly surprised by the news.

The blurb goes on to say that The Wanderer accompanies a mother on a quest to find her lost daughter.

This quest takes you to a place that’s far from familiar and tasks you with facing countless horrors in the depths of Nightstorm Isle.

Sounds like new creatures await along with a new environment in this expansion, though it isn’t currently clear whether it’s premium or free DLC. We assume paid.

This news follows the recent announcement that Ashen is coming to Switch and PS4 in December, with its Epic Store Exclusivity ending at the same time.

Ashen is a fantastic game and it’s great to see it get continued support.

More news as we get it.


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