Banjo Kazooie DLC arriving in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Today

Surprise! Banjo and Kazooie will be playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate from later tonight.

Confirmed during today’s Nintendo Direct, the characters are expected to be revealed after today’s Nintendo Direct.

We don’t know when the content will drop but stay tuned to Expansive as soon as we get more information.

Banjo uses a barrel roll as a front attack, with a beak buster as a back attack that stabs at the ground.

Kazooie can launch eggs at enemies using the Breegull Blaster and there’s even an autofire option which can be cancelled with a crouch.

There’s a grenade egg which can be fired out of Banjo’s backpack. It’s pretty bad ass when dropped, but it can also be picked up and thrown.

Wonderwing is a really powerful attack that can sweep the ground, pushing an enemy off a platform, but also be used as a recovery mechanic.

The Final Smash is a Jinjonator and was the attack used against Gruntilda in the original game.

As for the stage, The Spiral Mountain is a mountain with a spiral at the bottom with items on the stage moving as upi,pve. As the stage turns, so the shape of the mountain changes.

Platforms will also randomly appear and there’s a bridge to Gruntilda’s stage which appears.

And as a bit of a surprise, it was revealed more fighters will be added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate beyond the five confirmed in the Fighter’s Pass. Exciting times!


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