Atomic Poison Ivy coming to Infinite Crisis

A new challenger has arrived. Poison Ivy is coming to Infinite Crisis. Fortunately, this will be more akin to the Arkham series Ivy than, say, the Batman and Robin version played by Miss Thurman.

Atomic Poison Ivy shoots thorns and roots. Her passive is called Toxic Growth, which, if she hasn’t received any damage, means she’ll get a nice shiny protective shield. Enemies are then marked by her Toxic Growth, giving her skills additional competency. If an ability is used, the enemy is no longer marked, adding additional effects to the skill.

Poisoned Earth deals AOE power and damage and automatically applies Toxic Growth. If an already has already been marked however, Toxic Growth will be consumed. Bramble Rupture roots a target to a spot, deals power damage and consumes Toxic Growth to increase movement speed.

Wall of Thorns slows enemies, deals power damage over time and consumes Toxic Growth to silence the enemy.

There’s also Secrets of the Forest which creates an AOE fog effect and provides allies with power armor and stealth.

Check out Atomic Poison Ivy in action…

Here’s her blurb…

The nuclear war’s radioactive fallout withered plant-life across the world, overwhelming Poison Ivy with the screams of Earth’s dying plants and sending her into a catatonic state.

Awakening in a forest of mutated flora, adapted to a bleak radioactive landscape, Pamela found herself transformed into something more plant than woman. She sensed what few plants that had survived, hearing their collective thoughts and will. With her new-found link to the Green, Pamela had an epiphany. These astounding and beautiful mutant survivors needed a guardian, they needed her. She would ensure a better world, where her precious children would never again be threatened by humans. Instead, the humans would fear nature.

To protect the Green, Atomic Poison Ivy uses her radioactively gifted powers to protect herself, obscure her allies, and entrap her foes.

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