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April Ryan actress needs help with medical bills

The Longest Journey and Dreamfall are among some of the finest adventure games ever to be released.  They are well-written, excellently produced and full of wonderful, memorable characters that have lived with us long since the games have been finished. One character, most of all, has our attention. April Ryan….


The history of the Khajiit

Khajiits, in one form or another, have been a part of The Elder Scrolls games since the very beginning. Their natural agility, stealth and silver-tongues make them effective thieves, assassins and competent warriors on the battlefield. As of writing, my Level 18 Dragonknight in The Elder Scrolls Online is a…

As We Play

Titan Attacks! – As We Play

Format – PlayStation 4/PlayStation Vita At one time or another, all of us must have seen, heard of, or even played Space Invaders. It’s about the most popular video game ever designed and numerous iterations have been designed and delivered over the years. Titan Attacks! is Curve Studios’ own interpretation…

As We Play

Stick it to The Man – As We Play

Format – PlayStation 4 Playstation 4 has been receiving some quality titles through Playstation +. Resogun. Contrast. Don’t Starve. Outlast. Mercenary Kings. And now Stick it to The Man. A game that, in my humble opinion, is the best offering from the service since Resogun. Narratively, it is leaps and…

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