Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC still coming first to Xbox

In a somewhat surprising (and unsurprising) turn of events, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC will still be coming to Xbox first.


Many assumed that Activision’s agreement with Microsoft may have been renegotiated after the incredible popularity of Playstation 4 and the fact that Sony is currently winning the sales war for new-gen systems. However it seems like Xbox One will still be the best place to play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. At least for now.

We should have read the signs. During the release of yesterday’s video, before we got see the pixel-perfect representation of Kevin Spacey, we were told the footage was lifted directly from Xbox One. This immediately suggests that Activision are happiest with the game on that particular platform and internally, probably consider it the ‘lead-platform’ for Advanced Warfare. Thus making Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC a logical home for Xbox.

The trailer leaked ahead of schedule, with the full reveal expected on May 4th, however there has already been a major info-blowout, and this is just one such story filtering out into the wild.

For instance, according to an Amazon listing, we now know that Kevin Spacey’s character in the game will play Jonathan Irons, leader of the world’s largest private military contractor, Atlas.

The game is also filled with tons of futuristic technology, such as exo-skeleton armor, retractable cover and hover bikes.

We’re sure to find out more about the game in the months leading up to release, but for now, rest assured that if you’re an Xbox owner you will still be the first in-line for all of the game’s additional content throughout 2015.

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