Articles by Trent Pyro

As We Play

Styx: Master of Shadows – As We Play

Format – PC Version – 1.01 I have an odd relationship with stealth games. Initially misunderstanding them, then falling victim to a number of shitty ones, I’ve only recently begun to appreciate the subtle joy of the stealth kill. Where I would usually blunder in, relying on my combat skill…

As We Play

Runers – As We Play

Format – PC Version: Top-down shooters are always a lot of fun but are often criticized for lacking depth. Roguelikes have depth to spare but can sometimes be ponderous exercises in walking about and dying. Aiming to address the flaws of both genres, Runers combines them together, marrying the…


An Englishman at Gamescom

I’m currently sitting in, what was once a car park, on a wooden bench with two Dutch guys. Irritating pop is blasting from a janky radio at an expensive food stand behind me. The wind is blowing, but it’s not too cold and the sun is out. As the former…

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