Back 4 Blood DLC Tunnels of Terror opens up April 12

The first major expansion for Back 4 Blood releases next month.

Turtle Rock Studios announced today that Tunnels of Terror will arrive on all platforms on April 12 and it includes a PvE co-operative activity called Ridden Hives.

Teams of four will band up together to take on ‘seven different dungeons full of labryrinthine tunnels below the depths of Evansburgh that are infested with a new Ridden type, Warped Ridden’.

Two new characters will also be added and are playable – Sharice, a firefighter who wields an appropriate axe and Heng, a restaurateur.

You’ll also get eight new character skins, seven new legendary weapons, new cards and more.

The DLC launches alongside a free update for Back 4 Blood which adds a ‘No Hope’ difficulty setting. And if you don’t have the Season Pass or access to the DLC, don’t worry, as Turtle Rock have assured that as long as one player in any part has the content, all players in that party can access it!

Two further expansions are expected as part of the game’s Season Pass. The announcement also goes alongside news that the game has been played by 10 million players since launch.

Tunnels of Terror launches across all platforms on April 12.

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