Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur DLC Pack strides in on March 8

The ever popular animated Jurassic World series is going to cross over with the ever popular Jurassic World Evolution franchise.

On March 8, a new premium DLC pack will launch for Jurassic World Evolution 2, the Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack.

This launches alongside a free update for Jurassic World Evolution 2 which introduces a Species Viewer that lets you go up close with dinosaurs as never before, as well as a First Person View, new decorations, and further enhancements.

The Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack will cost £7.99 across all major platforms, and introduces two new dinosaurs, variants for existing species and eight new skins.

First up, the Scorpios rex comes into the game, with its distinct ‘blood red eyes, charcoal black scales and prominent spikes’. You’ll also be able to bring the Monolophosaurus into your parks, known for its loud roars and dynamic behaviors.

Two herbivore variants have been added, making for a more peaceful presence in your park despite appearances, and eight new skins are added, including Bumpy the Ankylosaurus and Big Eatie the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack releases March 8.

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