Battleborn adds Kid Ultra to its roster

Battleborn lovers – yes, there are a few of them – have been made to wait a while, but finally have some new content to look forward to.

The 29th Battleborn hero, Kid Ultra has entered Early Access and will be available to Season Pass and Digital Deluxe owners way ahead of the November 3rd release date. At that point, Kid Ultra will be available to everyone for 47,500 in-game credits.

A reject from an unnamed production line, this robotic unit is apparently kid-friendly and ultra dependable. However, he’s not going to get far in battle with kind words and an inquisitive nature. As such, he’s been kitted out with some smart new toys.

Kid Ultra comes with the following abilities.

  • ROCKET GAUNTLET: Six quick-fire rockets which detonate on impact.
  • ROCKET VORTEXT: Fire up to three rockets in a tight spiral.
  • SUPPORT DRONE: Deploy a healing drone to follow a target ally, temporarily increasing their maximum health and healing them over time. Max 2 drones at once.
  • BOLA SNARE: Fire bolas that pass through units and slow any enemies in its path.
  • (Ultimate) TO THE RESCUE: Activate to enter hover-mode and increase mobility. Deactivate to exit hover-mode, provide a burst of health to yourself and nearly allies, and push back enemies.
  • (Passive) AURA OF JUSTICE: Participating in kills boosts nearly allies’ damage for a limited time.

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