Titanfall 2 will not have a Season Pass and all DLC will be free

In an unexpected but extremely welcome move, all Titanfall 2 DLC will be completely free of charge.

Titanfall 2 is looking to change the face of the multiplayer scene and this means that all maps, modes and more will be available to everyone after the game launches so that the community is never split apart.

The first piece of content will be the Angel City map, remastered from the original Titanfall.

This is the second major shooter this year that has opted to make all content free post-launch – Blizzard’s Overwatch being the other – and it’s an extremely refreshing change. Especially on the part of EA who have enjoyed plenty of business through making people pay for additional content.

We loved the Alpha of Titanfall 2 but have yet to play the final build despite hearing extremely positive things. Being a huge fan of the original, it’s not difficult to see why. We hope to report on this content as it releases.

For now, check out our playtime with the Alpha.


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