Battlezone: Combat Commander is a Battlezone 2 Remaster

Rebellion have revealed that they will be remastering Battlezone 2 for the new Battlezone: Combat Commander in 2018.

This follows the remaster of 1998 classic, Battlezone, with Battlezone 2 set to receive similar treatment.

Battlezone: Combat Commander comes with new visuals, better mod support, cross-play online support between Steam and GOG for 14 people, achievements, and cloud saves on the Steam version of the game.


The single-player campaign is also still in tact, with players able to plot, strategise and form armies to protect their bases and conquer their foes.

You can even dive into the vehicles themselves and have first-person combat with mech walkers, motar-bikes, hover-tanks and more.

You can now sign up for a closed beta on Rebellion’s website with more details to follow soon.

Battlezone: Combat Commander will release on Steam and GOG in 2018.

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